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Dungeon Arsenal

About Dungeon Arsenal

DUNGEON ARSENAL is a fast-paced roguelike card game. Go through series of random-generated floors filled with cards for you to reveal. The weapons and items you need for your journey will be among those cards, however, terrible monsters are also waiting to be revealed... Choose your Hero and good luck!

  • Search each floor for weapons, items and gold;
  • Enemies are also among the cards you find on each floor... be careful;
  • Find the best strategy to safely advance through the random-generated floors;
  • Find Treasure Rooms, filled with gold and a special Relic that grants you a special skill;
  • Buy stronger weapon cards and exclusive Relics at shops;
  • Defeat bosses at the end of each section;
  • Unlock new Heroes and cards;
  • Unlock alternate versions and card borders for your favorite Heroes;
  • Choose between 4 difficulty levels, each one with unique features and challenges;