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About Us

Brainium Games is a young and dynamic video game company founded by Nico Birindelli and Francesco Marra. The main company is located in Delaware, and its full legal name is Brainium Games LLC, the company also own this site and domain brainiumgames.com.

Combining their passion for video games and their extensive experience in the industry, Nico and Francesco have created an innovative and ever-evolving enterprise.

With over 20 years of experience, Francesco Marra brings a deep knowledge of the video game market and solid expertise in managing and developing complex projects. Alongside Nico Birindelli, a talented visionary in the field, Brainium Games aims to redefine the standards of quality and fun in the world of video games.

Brainium Games offers publishing services for all major consoles, ensuring an engaging and high-quality gaming experience on every platform. We utilize the best game engines in the industry, including Unreal Engine 5, Game Maker, and Unity.

But we don't stop there: we also develop our own original products, with a constant commitment to innovation and creativity. We are proud to create games that not only entertain but leave an indelible mark on the players' memory. Our goal is to build captivating worlds and compelling stories that can be enjoyed by players of all ages and backgrounds.

At Brainium Games, we believe that the future of video games lies in the perfect balance between advanced technology and boundless creativity. Join us on this extraordinary journey and discover the future of gaming with Brainium Games.